You can explore our territory thanks to a network of routes ideal for both road cycling and mountain bikers.
A breathtaking scenery which borders Val d’Orcia, the Ombrone Valley and the Valley of Merse, with Monte Amiata in the background and a glimpse of the sea on the horizon on clear days.

Five routes have been set up around Civitella Paganico: here you can download maps (PDF format) and files for GPS satnavs (GPX format)

Route 1: Gretano, 25 km Map (PDF, 18Mb) File GPS (GPX, 104kb)
Route 2: Lanzo, 37 km Map (PDF, 21Mb) File GPS (GPX, 233kb)
Route 3: Farma, 26 km Map (PDF, 16Mb) File GPS (GPX, 270kb)
Route 4: Lago Fabio, 45 km Map (PDF, 16Mb) File GPS (GPX, 217kb)
Route 5: Ombrone, 68 km Map (PDF, 18Mb) File GPS (GPX, 430kb)

For more information, visit Civitella Bike